Biograph Your Wedding Speeches

You’ve got the rings, booked the band, tasted seventeen different cakes, and found exactly the right flatware. But your wedding is still missing a key ingredient. You need a way to record the stories and memories from your perfect day.

Photographs and videos are great—but you need context: just why was Uncle Al on the dance floor with a trash can on his head? Guestbooks are nice, but they don’t give you much more than an attendance list and some hastily scribbled cliches: “So happy for you two and can’t wait to celebrate your big day. You look beautiful!”  Services like Tribute are fine, but they can be overwhelming, hard to navigate, and frankly a waste of time—onerous for the tributaries to make, a chore for the recipients to revisit.

To preserve the memory and tell the stories that enliven your wedding, you need the Biograph app. With Biograph, you can:

  1. Start gathering memories before the photographer shows up. Collect stories from the bachelor party and the wedding shower. Capture the moment you find your dress or tell your parents. Preserve more than just the day.
  2. Hear stories from every guest—including the stories that Mom vetoed in the first draft of Dad’s toast. And no need to worry about tech wary guests. Using Biograph is as simple as opening up your phone and pressing record.
  3. Share stories with family and friends—or keep them private. You can send Dave’s story about waking up the next morning in a stranger’s yard to all the groomsmen. And you can keep Aunt Patty’s sweet tribute to your relationship between the two of you.
  4. Convert your stories into a beautiful hard cover book—an heirloom that will be passed down for generations. Or you can pull up the stories on your phone and listen to them again on your anniversary. Biograph stories are easy to access and preserve.

Whether you’re having a grand wedding with hundreds of guests or an intimate celebration with a few close friends and family, a wedding is about more than centerpieces and fancy cakes. It’s about the memories you make—sweet, funny, and full of love. So, as you walk down the aisle, make sure you have Biograph by your side.

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