What is Biograph?

A privacy-forward storytelling app. Biograph is a new way to create and gather memory. Think of it as a living memoir, preserving your experience in real time. Creatively tell your story. Biograph is designed for you—not advertisers. Securely record moments and transform your memory into a superpower. Record, organize, and collaborate. Snap photos and narrate stories with friends. AI transcription powers your own personal search engine. Biograph is your tool—wield it as you wish.

Check out our book Recorded Time to learn more!

Our Team

Aaron Greenberg, PhD

Aaron Greenberg, PhD


AJ Greenberg Headshot

AJ Greenberg


Toby Altman

Toby Altman


Dustin Beelow Headshot

Dustin Beelow

Product Designer

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