with Michael

There’s this guy that plays guitar I run into all the time, who’s always telling me my horoscopes at Grand and State downtown. I live on Argyle and Marine, and I’m heading to work at Carmine’s.

Favorite thing about this neighborhood? The food is really great, and I’m not even like a big Vietnamese fan if that makes sense. There’s a great Thai spot over here. I like that there’s some transitioning things, some fun stuff happening. There’s some shops that are not needed, like these video stores or the jewelry store I’ve never seen open before until right now.

There’s this little pop-up restaurant called Rhapsody over here. I would like to see more of that stuff come to the neighborhood to attract more of an eclectic blend of people.

Favorite Chicago street corner? Southport. I like that neighborhood vibe with the Cheers-type of bar mentality. You run into fun interesting people all the time.

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