Interview with Alec & Ed

We’re from Ann Arbor, Michigan, attending a grad school friend’s birthday brunch here at Hamburger Mary’s. We’re waiting on the next show. We’re just bumming around town visiting some friends, and then up here and back to Michigan after.

The first thing that I notice about this corner is just the prices of the homes. Once you go a block away from Clark it’s a very nice neighborhood and then just a nice, casual walking strip. It’s quaint, it’s kind of bougie, and there’s a lot of little dogs. Entirely pleasant and comfortable for us.

Because we have a dog as well, we always stay at the Palmer House. They’re very dog friendly, so that’s my favorite street corner…Wabash and Monroe.

I kind of like Montrose right up near the lake. I have a friend who lives there too and it’s just a pretty area. Interesting mix of people up there. There’s a lot of folks who are in between houses, things, and then also just a lot of busy people on their way to work or whatever they do. It’s kind of an interesting intersection, a good cross section of Chicago.

Interesting Chicago street corner story? I think the last time we were here for Alec’s friend’s birthday, I was wearing this same shirt. It’s got bananas all over it, and people were yelling positive things about banana shirts. The people are just very friendly.

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