with Archna

Andersonville, for me it’s a memory of this friend of mine who got married yesterday, she’s lived in Chicago for a long time. I used to live in Wisconsin and I’d come to visit here, and even then she lived in Andersonville, she’s moved around. So Andersonville is Anne―my friend Anne. And just walking around until she was free to hang out. And there’s some breakfast place that had these giant, giant cinnamon rolls―I think it’s kind of famous around here. That’s what I think of, I think of Anne and the cinnamon rolls.

I was just at Lady Gregory’s because a good friend of mine got married yesterday and we had the day after brunch, and then I was just walking around before I called a Lyft because I’m staying at a friend’s house, and it’s a nice day as opposed to yesterday. I’m going to my friend’s house but I’m flying back to Houston tonight.

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