Biograph is an innovative new platform for people who love sound. We make it easy to record and share sound with your friends, collaborators, and colleagues. Biograph is a flexible, interdisciplinary tool that sound artists from all backgrounds can use to develop, share, and promote their work—whether you’re conducting interviews for a podcast or developing a gallery installation.

Unlike other social media platforms, Biograph is focused on sound. Every Biograph begins as a sixty second recording, either on its own or paired with a visual. What you do with that sixty seconds is entirely up to you: you can use it to share clips, to record a blast of tactile urban noise, or to solicit feedback on a work in progress.

Every Biograph is private by default. You can use the app as a personal sonic diary, easily organizing and collecting your recordings—instead of stuffing everything into your voice memos.

Biograph also gives you the ability to share your work with other sound artists and professionals. Our platform features a vibrant community of artists who work with sound. You can share your created and collected sounds with colleagues and collaborators: promote a new show, circulate new work, or create interactive exhibits on Biograph’s public forum, inviting other artists to respond and work with the materials you post.

Biograph is a sanctuary for sound artists—and we want to champion your work. Tag Biograph founders AJ Greenberg (AuggieNation) and Aaron Greenberg (Aaron) in your projects: we’ll promote our favorites and crowdsource new ways to use the platform.


For her MFA thesis project at Columbia, Analisa collected hundreds of short interviews with members of her extended family across the Haitian diaspora. Biograph made it easy for her to do so: instead of having to rely on a tape sync to connect with distant relatives, she could just have them download Biograph and respond to questions she posed for them—on their own time.

The audio Analisa collected with Biograph was high enough quality for her to use in her thesis exhibit, an installation piece that featured the voices of her family speaking through speakers embedded in discarded objects: old tires, scraps of carpet, roofing tiles—all gathered on a trip to Haiti.

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