Voice-to-text technology is simple, powerful, and virtually unlimited in its potential applications. Businesses are employing the technology to optimize their customer service experience, to transcribe important meetings, and to streamline teamwork.

But voice-to-text technology is more than just a business tool. It can be used for for storytelling, for collaboration, for building community and creating masterpieces. But the leading apps in the field aren’t designed for this. They’re cold and joyless, made for business, not for pleasure.

Biograph is a new app that liberates the power of voice-to-text technology from the cubicle, freeing you to experience, remember, and share a life worth living. Biograph is a flexible and intuitive space. Sure, it’s great for collecting your thoughts and gathering feedback to get down to business. Better yet, you can use Biograph to tell stories with friends, make notes for your memoir, collaborate, and find community.

Every session in Biograph is automatically transcribed. It’s easy to download your transcripts. With a click of a button, you can turn them into birthday cards, baby books, and family heirlooms.

Voice-to-text technology shouldn’t be limited to dull corporate meetings and dreaded Zoom calls. It should make space for creativity and experimentation. It should create community and connection. It should help people document the moments that matter to them, whether they’re writing a card or recording family stories. With its simple interface and intuitive design, Biograph brings voice-to-text technology to you.

Zadie’s World: Finding a Space to Play

In college, Zadie recorded all her lectures, so she could be attentive and present, trusting that she’d be able to go back and replay key passages on her own time. She uploaded her lectures to Otter and would search the transcripts for key terms when studying for exams. But the more time she spent on the platform, the more it felt cold and alienating. “It’s definitely a tool for work and therefore often a tool for solitude, and therefore pretty depressing.”

A friend suggested that she try the Biograph app. “It reminds me of the way a lot of my friends send voice notes instead of texts. It feels more communal and collaborative than Otter, but it still gives me the freedom to just think in private when I want to. It’s creative and recreational. I feel re-freshed and connected after using it.” For Zadie, Biograph blends the best of voice and text, social media and more private, intimate storytelling. “Biograph is starting to change the way we all communicate—for the better!”

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