with Blake

I see them set up on the corner, giving free hugs to people who have been dejected from their family―LGBT and stuff like that. There’s always random music playing. This area is always popping. Lots of cool corner stuff. But definitely tonight―Thursday is the day where it starts to get really crazy. It’s always fun, especially in June when Pride’s around, because people just start getting crazy and they block off the whole Halsted right here and it’s a whole street festival.

I love the city. I came here for undergrad at DePaul and I went to law school downtown. So now I’m just staying here working and stuff like that. I really like down by the park, so Broadway and Diversey, I really like that area. By the lake, you get the park, the greenery, and stuff like that in the summer.

I’m from here. I’ve been in Boystown for ten years. There’s always a big sense of community, which is why I’ve stayed here for so long. And especially on days like this where it’s so beautiful outside, everybody’s out on the decks socializing, stuff like that. Just a really big community here which is what I like about it.

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