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I Love Me More


As a twenty-something therapist, Jennifer takes her readers through the turbulent and very much relatable stories she herself and her clients have experienced.

The book dives into various stages that can help one understand their own transitions, and provides questions into helping them understand themselves throughout, before, and after a transition may occur.

Jennifer so eloquently writes deep into the struggles of relationships, personal development, career, friendships, identity as she depicts the dark hole many feel throughout their 2-year decade of life post-graduation. She highlights themes of uncertainty, mortality, perfectionistic tendencies, societal expectations, and the self-standards that contribute to the unfulfilled narrative we have written ourselves into.

I Love Me More is a book of choice. It’s choosing to discover yourself, values, worth, mental and emotional state in order to tap into the hardest imbalance of transition. And then, it’s adapting the global phenomenon of imperfection and the turbulent transitional twenties and thirties you will inevitably find yourselves in. Jennifer expands the definition of what traditionally has been considered normative and taps into the sincerity of dissonance. Jennifer’s message allows her readers to feel as though they are not alone, yet among this instability they find they are exactly where they need to be.


“Therapy is SO important and I can’t stress that enough. Jennifer is the it therapist of the millennial generation, and she really gets it.”

Lindsey Metselaar, podcast host of We Met at Acme & CEO of Lindsey’s Lunchbox

“Jennifer is the it therapist of the millennial generation, transforming the way in which we view transitions as a way of making peace with our now.”

Jonah Berger is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post bestselling author. He is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and internationally bestselling author of ContagiousInvisible InfluenceandThe Catalyst.

“Jennifer conveys her familiarity with the challenges of the transitional twenties and thirties with clear and relevant examples of the anxieties and feelings of loneliness throughout the journey. With appropriate humor and great sensitivity, she addresses several resonating themes. I Love Me More offers the reader a keen look into a young therapist’s commitment to her clients and her appreciation of the complexities of the human condition. Along with her exquisite curiosity and thoughtful languaging, Jennifer’s drive for connection and understanding will help anyone who is facing the beginning, middle, or end phase of a life transition.”

Wendy Behary, author of Disarming the Narcissist

“In a world drowning in information, Jennifer Leigh Coren dives beneath the noise in search of wisdom, reshaping the traditional Hero’s Journey from a contemporary perspective. Coren shares with us her process of questioning imposed values and discovering the true self in the midst of her personal journey as she learns the art of psychotherapy. Highly recommended for anyone less than a century old.”

Dr. Lou Cozolino, author, psychotherapist, and consulting psychologist in Beverly Hills. Professor at Pepperdine since 1986 and lectures around the world on psychotherapy, neuroscience, and trauma

I Love Me More, is the guide I’ve been looking for when it comes to offering direction to my millennial and Gen Z clients. So many of them feel frozen in life—unsure of where to go next. Jennifer Coren’s book gives clear guidance to any young person who is not only wondering ‘what’s next for me?’ but also ‘Okay, now how do I get there?’”

Elizabeth Earnshaw, Practice Director & Therapist, Author of I Want This to Work

“Jennifer understands the highs and lows of early adulthood better than most. Her book challenges readers to lean into life’s uncertainties. Most importantly, she provides a game plan on how to do it.”

Mark Travers, PhD, Lead Psychologist at Awake Therapy, Writer for Forbes, Psychology Today, and Therapy Tips

“Jennifer conveys her familiarity with the struggles of the transitional twenties and thirties, highlighting relatable anxieties and feelings of loneliness. With appropriate humor and great sensitivity, she addresses several themes we all find ourselves grappling with in our everyday lives. We learn about this young therapist’s obsession with life, her experience with death, and her love for her clients. Jennifer’s drive for connection, people, and meaning is why I could not put this book down. This book can help those at the beginning, middle, and end of a transition…”

Natalie Weiss, Broadway Star; “Breaking Down the Riffs” International Youtube Star, Other Credits: The Greatest Showman, Dear Evan Hansen, American Idol Season 4 Semi-Finalist,

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