Prophecy of My Undoing by Amparo Garcia Crow
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Prophecy of My Undoing

by Amparo Garcia-Crow


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Preview into the Prophecy

Amparo seeks to “make meaning of an insane experience” and tell her story that “otherwise no one else would believe.” After suffering traumatic childhood experiences, Amparo sought a straight life that ostensibly offered security, including 20 years of monogamy. The story weaves dreams that prophesize Amparo’s journey of undoing.

In part one of the dream, Amparo enters a roomful of men that “had to be dealt with.” When wondering who these men were and why they were together in a room, a deep voice reminds Amparo, “you invited them, dear.” Amparo realizes that this voice is her soul speaking and allows these dreams to guide her life. In part two of the dream, Amparo is cruising on a luxury ocean liner during a storm, where she witnesses her husband’s desire to drown with another woman. She recognizes the seeming absurdity of this anxiety. Part three of the dream is set in a dark room, where a benevolent force guides Amparo to a blinding light that exists behind a thick curtain. There is a shield made of red plastic with a sword affixed, representing a false sense of security. The deep voice tells her, “this is the mother that needs to be destroyed in order to continue as necessary.” Prophecy of My Undoing guides readers through Amparo’s world: out of darkness and into the light.

Amparo’s Living Room

In 2010, Amparo created the monthly storytelling series called THE LIVING ROOM: Storytime for Grownups. Amparo’s story below from November 2014, titled “Abrupt Transitions,” tells the stories of her fathers’ murder and her sons’ home birth.

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