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Recorded Time: How to Write the Future

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by Aaron Greenberg, PhD and AJ Greenberg

Category: Book, Memoir


Recorded Time: How to Write the Future is a memoir about the early days of bioGraph. Businesses, like lives, are quantum phenomena: recording them transforms them. This book is not in the genre of “how I built this” but rather “how we’re building this.” Our goal was to reflect on what has worked and what still needs perfecting. Yet, in writing the company’s story, the company’s story has become worth writing.

Starting a business involves a leap of faith. It’s like falling in love—or writing a book. You throw your better judgment to the wind and commit to something radical, scary, and fragile; you open yourself to the risk of failure. You take those risks because you must: the inspiration and holy ambition are too powerful to ignore.

The two brothers who co-founded bioGraph, an engineer and a Shakespearean, take narrative seriously: they believe that our humanity depends on it. Without stories, life slips away; we become isolated, tiny blips of light in the vast darkness of history. There’s never been more information about us available: our DNA is collected in online databases; our every move ends up on social media between glossy advertisements for couches and designer sunglasses. But this vast sea of data is shallow: more puff and pretense than substance or reflection. Aaron and AJ founded bioGraph to help people tell their own stories in all the richness and depth that those stories deserve.

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