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Roger Brown: A Life

by Aaron Greenberg, PhD with bioGraph

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A Note From Roger

Why write a biography? Who cares? What difference can it make? I have been thinking about doing this for a very long time. The idea penetrated my skull when a family office investment advisor kept suggesting I should record my story. I resisted the thought for many months as the prospect of rereading all my weekly letters and extensive travel diaries overwhelmed any urge to start the process. Regardless, encouragement from some children and grandchildren kept the idea alive. After all, I don’t have many more years to live and I recall that my father was 90 (I am now 95) when he began writing Reminiscences. Maybe I can document some thoughts before it’s too late.

About Roger Brown

Roger Brown was born in 1925, grew up in Chicago, graduated from Yale University in the 1940s, officered a destroyer escort in WWII, and survived to graduate from Harvard’s Business School in 1949. He joined A.G. Becker & Co. that fall as a salesman. Roger played a significant role in the origination of the funds evaluation business. He was elected Senior Vice President and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee in 1968. Roger briefly retired in 1974 before founding investment firm Harris Associates in 1976. Roger and his wife were married 66 years and together have five children, 18 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

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