Every time you go up to your attic, you see them: boxes full of home movies on VHS, family albums, and letters from your grandparents. Your whole family history is embedded in these old documents. If you could just get them out of the attic, you’d have an heirloom—a precious ark of memories to pass down from generation to generation.

The first step is digitizing your materials with Keepsake Family Tree. They’ll help you preserve your family’s memories in a format that everyone can enjoy.

Now that you’ve restored these old gems into a practical format, you’re finally ready for the conversations and questions that unlock the 1,000 words behind each treasured photo:

Q: Who’s that woman in the top left corner?

A: That’s your great grandma! Let me tell you a story about her…

Q: Looks like you were at a beach or something?

A: Yes, every winter around Christmas we’d all cram into the Oldsmobile and drive 20hrs to Florida to visit your great grandparents. We’d pack turkey sandwiches with mustard and stay one night in a cheap motel off the highway. All 6 of us would sleep in one bed, except your grandfather usually slept in the armchair next to us. I can still remember the…

You can spark and preserve these priceless memories with Biograph, a new innovative platform that brings your family’s stories to life. We make it easy to help you start conversations that bridge generations.

Your family’s photos and home movies are more than just dusty old records. They tell the story of who you are. With Biograph, you can do more than digitize your past. You can breathe new life into old memories and inspire your future.

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