You got your results back from 23andMe. You’ve mapped out your whole family tree on But you still feel like something is missing. You’re not alone. Family and identity are more complex than a genetic test—and richer than a family tree. We share our genes with our children, but it’s just as important to gift them our family’s stories.

Biograph is here to help you tell the stories that shaped your family’s journey through good times and bad—stories that have the power to shape your family’s identity for generations to come.

With Biograph, telling these stories is easier than spitting in a vial and sending it off to a lab—and the results of storytelling are often more meaningful. Share your stories with family members and invite them to contribute. Biograph will help you make storytelling a habit, not a one-off event. Biograph’s collaborative platform makes it easy to bring generations together.

Maybe you want to share your great-grandmother’s harrowing journey across an ocean to start a new life. Or how your father lost his business during the Great Depression—only to dust himself off and thrive in a new line of work. These stories are core to who we are, but they rarely get told around the dinner table—and they’re nowhere to be found in Ancestry’s public records or 23andMe test results. Biograph will help you tell these stories—and preserve them for generations to come.

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