Listen to Biograph co-founder, Aaron Greenberg discuss the importance of telling life stories on Gin & Tantra, a podcast hosted by Daniel Domoleczny and Eric Baker. Gin and Tantra is Spirituality with a twist! This podcast is dedicated to the real-world applications and exploration of various spiritual and philosophical texts, ideas and practices. The podcast aims to illuminate the potential for self development and awareness in today’s society.

The Telling of One’s Life Story

In this series of episodes we interview Aaron Greenberg, PhD and discuss his work to bring people’s narratives to life with his company Biograph.  We ask him about the telling of our stories and his experiences hearing so many of them from others.  How stories pre-serve the future and how his company seeks to upend the privilege of publishing. Aaron talks about his interest in language and the history of his company’s desire to share the stories that are hiding in plain sight!

Composing YOUR Narrative

In this episode we discuss objective and subjective truths from our own perspectives. We get into editing life and the battle between controlling the narrative versus allowing for the flow of life to occur.

Reading Between the Lines

In this episode we discuss the different effects of communication, written and spoken. How is the communication altered when what we say is read as opposed to spoken? Can we learn through reading and reflecting upon what one is saying? How can the removal of context and tone of voice be limiting when reading the spoken word? This illuminating discussion highlights some of the pros and cons of each way to communicative and highlights how we need both. We also discuss the Buddhist idea of ‘right’ speech (communication) and the power of stories for families.

“I’m Not Religious, I’m Spiritual”

In this short episode we ask the question briefly to Aaron Greenberg PhD, what does he think people mean when they say, “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual”?