Writing a postcard is a lost art. You want to say something meaningful. You want to convey a touch of your voice, your experience, and your affection. But you only have a tight space to do it in. If you’re feeling writers’ block on your family vacation, you’re not alone.

Biograph’s new app can help you write cards that feel honest, true—and that fit on the back of a postcard. Biograph makes it easy to create a unique card. All you have to do is upload a picture onto the app, then use one of our guides to help you get started.

Instead of trying to describe the whole trip (“Grandma, I’m having a great time!”), our guides encourage you to focus on small, telling details that communicate your experience:

“Just before this picture was taken, Scott and I hiked up the hill behind our hotel and he found a cactus flower blooming on the hillside.”

The guides are open-ended and pliable. We won’t shoehorn you into a formula (“Write 5 curious facts about the place you’re visiting”). We help you tell the stories that matter in a minute or less.

Every biograph starts with your voice. The app automatically transcribes, so your audience can read or listen to your message, with none of the stuffiness or formality of traditional writing.

Travel the World With Biograph

Jessi Allen and her new husband Devon took a year off work to travel the world. Jessi thought about keeping a travel blog to keep her friends and family up-to-date (too much work…and inefficient). Her husband suggested the Biograph app.

“Every week, I pick my favorite photo—Todd and I having lunch in a piazza in Venice; riding an elephant in India; hiking up Mount Fuji in Japan,” Jessi reflects, “I do a biograph about it and then have a postcard sent to my friends and family. It’s great because it’s all done remotely. I don’t have to worry about getting the postage right, and it’s the best way to connect with my grandma who doesn’t have a smartphone. I feel like the transcripts really capture me. I don’t know, writing feels so formal. With Biograph, it’s just like I’m talking to my mom or my best friend—and turning it into a postcard.”

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