by Cory

I’m coming from work at the Museum of Science and Industry. Unfortunately the area now compared to how it was about 20 years ago has went down. About 20 years ago I actually came around here before because I had a group that was rappers and we had to use a studio here. And this area was like a small suburb all of its own. Now the atmosphere has changed. It’s not as peaceful as it used to be. The grounds of the museum have changed tremendously. We redid the west side probably five, six years ago. The front of it has been impacted by the cabs and the Ubers.

I think the Obama Presidential Center will actually be good for this area. I think that it will create more jobs and more opportunities for people in this area to do more things. Because right now it’s like the parks are being taken over by the older kids and by the adults and the homeless, so I feel that it would give the kids something to do. Right now the kids are unable to go to the parks like they used to when I was younger in the inner city, so I think that the library would be an opportunity for them to get out more. It’s supposed to have a recreation center inside…it will give them something to do, somewhere to go to play, activities to do to get off the streets. I think it will be good for this area.

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