You want to keep a journal, but you can’t seem to find the time. Every day you have small moments of connection—pruning your mother’s rose garden together, running into an old friend on the street. But they slip away before you have five minutes to jot them down. You need an easy, flexible way to record your life—as easy as chatting with a friend.

Welcome to a Biograph—a new app that helps you find your voice, tell your story, and connect to the world.

Unlike other journaling apps, Biograph is built for your busy schedule. A biograph only takes a minute to make. Open the app, snap or upload a picture, and hit “Start Recording.” You’ll enjoy 60 seconds to think aloud, describe what you see, and record the moments that bring you joy.

If you want to keep talking when the minute is up, don’t worry—it’s easy to keep rolling. And if you feel stuck, our prompts—composed by expert writers on the Biograph team—will jog your creativity.

You can make a Biograph sitting in traffic, walking the dog, or with friends over dinner. It’s easy and quick. Our app gives you a way to capture your experience before it slips away.

When you’re finished, the app will transcribe your voice automatically, giving you a searchable text you can edit and reuse. You can share what you create with our vibrant beta community or keep it private. Everything on Biograph is private by design and ad-free. Here you are free to delve deep into your experience, to speak openly and privately, to publish if you wish.

We all struggle to find the time to reflect on our lives. Biograph helps you transform mundane moments into a treasure trove of memories. As Biograph writer Dana Fang notes, “By talking about the simple, mundane facts of everyday life, you’ll find your way into the bigger questions, the poignant memories you want to record: once you start writing regularly and unselfconsciously, they’ll come naturally flowing through you.”

Take a minute a day to talk about the things you smell, see, and hear—and watch that minute blossom into a journal that’s as bright and lively as you are.

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