Interview with Hedilio

I just went on a little trip to ULTA, got some makeup and things and got my first manicure ever so that was fun. I’m headed home now to get ready because I host this show called Enigma, which happens every other Sunday at Meeting House in Andersonville. It’s a queer variety show where we have a little bit of everything, but mostly drag, burlesque, singing, dancing, and poetry.

I live in Edgewater and haven’t really left the nest, which I want to do. I’ve only been on a plane a couple times. My favorite thing on this corner is Riviera, where I’ve seen a lot of shows. This whole shopping area. I always hit up Target and Aldi and then stop by Riviera to see what shows are playing, so that’s kind of like my little routine.

Favorite street corner in Chicago? I’m probably a little biased because I live up there, but up by Broadway and Ardmore, especially down Magnolia street where I live because it’s just really pretty and everybody’s really friendly and in the summer there’s magnolia trees planted everywhere, so it’s really cute.

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