Interview with Antonio C.

The absolute best thing about this neighborhood―besides Bodi Shak―is the diversity. That’s my favorite part. Chicago is a hugely segregated city where people live in their pockets of segregation, but this neighborhood is a melting pot. If you notice from this angle where the intersection changes you can see the train going over that bridge. It’s a different view going down Broadway, the angle shifts and the energy shifts, so it’s pretty cool.

Favorite Chicago street corner: Coincidentally Leland and Broadway. This is the new square and it’s good to be a part of―that entire block is a landmark building―so it’s good to be a part of it with a new business in Uptown. To give back to this neighborhood. The renovation of the Wilson train station has lifted the neighborhood hugely, so yeah, it’s thriving. It used to be a little bit more congested, so the streets now are clearer…this new Uptown theater is getting a huge $75 million renovation.

This is uptown, you get it all, from the drug deals to…I mean you’ll see anything. It’s part of the coolness of what Uptown delivers. It actually reminds me of New York City in what it brings. It’s part of the energy of Uptown, it’s what makes it exciting too.

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