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On The Corner

On the Corner

On the Corner is an ongoing bioGraph production of Chicago street corner stories, told by our fellow citizens. We began On the Corner to build community through shared stories and amplify the diverse voices of Chicago. This project embodies our mission to write and preserve stories that enlighten, entertain, and inspire.

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Share why your company is a neighborhood cornerstone to tell customers a story they won’t forget.


Every corner is a stage for storied lives. If street corners could talk, which stories would they tell?


Go beyond the classroom to school us on the streets. Sometimes you can learn more on the corner than you can in any book.


Your commute can be the most glorious part of the daily grind. Be the author of your story before your 9am.


A life lived is a life full of stories. Many stories begin with an address. Share your street corner memories.


bioGraph invites submissions of original stories, photographs, and illustrations for On the Corner, a collection of perspectives on Chicago intersections. We seek writing that enlightens, entertains, and inspires; that captures environments and interactions; that demonstrates social, spiritual, historical, psychological, and/or emotional nuance and depth. We gravitate toward writing that is terse, subtle, empathetic, urgent, alluring, witty, playful, and profound without taking itself too seriously.


  • 200-500 word vignettes

  • Opportunity for ongoing collaboration with bioGraph for top submission​

  • ​No previously published material will be accepted

  • bioGraph reserves the right to publish and reproduce any submissions; writers and artists will be acknowledged as authors


  • Intersections & Intersectionality

  • Crossings & Crossroads

  • Crises & Turning Points

  • Boundaries & Borders

  • Transit(ions)

  • Accidents & Auspicious Encounters

  • Commutes & Commutation

  • Division & Cutting Asunder

  • Names & Naming

  • Local(ity) & Global(ism)

  • Strangers & Shared Identities

  • Property & Gentrification

  • Color Lines & Police Lines

  • Neighborhood & Community

Terms & Agreements

By clicking on the ‘Submit’ button, you are agreeing to the following terms:

The story you are submitting is an original work and belongs to you, the Author. It is not a violation or infringement of any existing copyright or license and has not been previously published elsewhere.  Author hereby grants bioGraph LLC the right to publish his/her work online and/or in a printed anthology.
bioGraph LLC has the right to make any revision to the work in the interest of uniformity and style, but will solicit the Author’s approval for substantive changes. Author understands that bioGraph LLC may withdraw offer of publication at any time.