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On The Corner

On the Corner

On the Corner is an ongoing bioGraph production of Chicago street corner stories, told by our fellow citizens. We began On the Corner to build community through shared stories and amplify the diverse voices of Chicago. This project embodies our mission to write and preserve stories that enlighten, entertain, and inspire.

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Who’s Telling Stories?


Share why your company is a neighborhood cornerstone to tell customers a story they won’t forget.


Every corner is a stage for storied lives. If street corners could talk, which stories would they tell?


Go beyond the classroom to school us on the streets. Sometimes you can learn more on the corner than you can in any book.


Your commute can be the most glorious part of the daily grind. Be the author of your story before your 9am.


A life lived is a life full of stories. Many stories begin with an address. Share your street corner memories.


Do you have a powerful memory attached to your city’s streets? We want to hear from you! Did you have your first kiss at the corner of 26th and Pulaski? Do you still drive by your family’s old butcher shop at 35th and Halsted to see what the neighborhood looks like? Do you and your best friends always end up at the Golden Apple on Lincoln at the end of a long night?

Tell your stories, large and small, of the corners and intersections that have shaped your life in Chicago. With your help, we are building a portrait of Chicago, written by the people who love the city best: its residents.

Winning stories will be featured in a forthcoming book, On the Corner, published by bioGraph and featuring 50 stories about Chicago street corners. 

To be considered for publication, please submit by September 14, 2021:

  1. A 60 second voice recording of a story based on a street corner in Chicago, and
  2. A picture of you or a picture of the corner.


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