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Our Journal

Our Journal contains arguments for telling life stories from an array of perspectives across cultures and generations.

June 2020

Memory and Memoir

We think our whole life story will be at our fingertips whenever we wish to summon it. But, faced with the task of remembering, we quickly realize how elusive the past can be. Why does that happen? And how do good writers work through that problem, finding the language to make their memories palpable and real to the readers?

May 2020

From Diary to Masterpiece

At each step along the way—from composition to publication—bioGraph’s team is here to help. We take the anxiety and uncertainty out of making a book. We give you the freedom to focus on the parts of writing that are most rewarding and productive for you.

The bioGraph Touch

We sit down with you and discuss how you want your book to look, sound, and feel. We don’t insist on a standardized process for gathering the materials for your book, as many other companies do. Instead, we design the process together.

The Art of the Interview

bioGraph’s writers are accomplished professionals—many with advanced degrees from distinguished writing programs like the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. We use our skills to help paint a rich portrait of your life for your readers. Our books are more than resumes—they convey the way your world looks, smells, tastes, and feels.

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