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Share your values, philosophies, and life stories.



We preserve your voice to convey the essence of your lived experience.


Produce - Stack of We Were Strangers

We design, print, and if you wish, publish your story for family to cherish for generations.

Products & Services

Cancer Saved My Life Cover

The Portrait

Lively as its subject

The perfect gift and the most sophisticated selfie yet, The Portrait represents your character, values, and traditions.

  • 60 minutes of interview with 1 contributor
  • Audio eBook
  • 3 hardcover books with up to 15 photos

Book of Anecdotes

Stories from those who know you best

The ultimate guest book, the Book of Anecdotes interweaves your perspectives with those of family and friends to paint a full picture of an individual life.

  • 2 hours of interview with up to 10 contributors
  • Audio eBook
  • 5 hardcover books with up to 50 photos
We Were Stangers Bookstore

The Memoir

A Life’s Work

Your masterpiece, The Memoir preserves your essence through ingenious narrative crafted with our creative team.

  • Your words, refined with nuance
  • Comprehensive research and interviews
  • Audio eBook
  • 10 hardcover books with your favorite photos

Words From Our Clients

Our Journal

Arguments for telling life stories from an array of perspectives across cultures and generations.

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On the Corner

On the Corner is an ongoing bioGraph production of Chicago street corners stories, written by a diverse range of residents. This project embodies our mission to write and preserve stories that enlighten, entertain, and inspire.

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