Tell me if this sounds familiar. The holidays are coming. You have a great new sweater for dad, a copy of Blonde on Blonde on vinyl for your little brother and a beach read for mom. But there’s still one person left on your list. You can never seem to find the perfect holiday present. They’re hard to shop for. They already have everything. They don’t have space for one more thing. We all know someone like that, don’t we?

Before you give up and get them an Amazon Gift Card—again—consider giving them a meaningful and unique gift. Something they’ll treasure and return to time and again. Give them a gift of a Biograph story, celebrating who they are and what they’ve given you.

Celebrate the People You Love

You can use the Biograph app to tell a meaningful story about someone you love: a tribute to their influence on your life; a retelling of a favorite adventure. And you can use the app to send it directly to them, in print or digital formats—so they’ll have a keepsake, not another piece of junk.

Collaborate or Keep it Private

Biograph makes it easy for you to collaborate with people across the world—or keep your stories private. Want to get all the grandkids to tell their favorite Grandma story? No problem. Want to send your love a sweet story? We’ll keep it between you two. Biograph is private by default. You decide whom you work and share with.

Pictures + Words = Magic

Biograph pairs visuals and spoken words. You upload a picture to the app, then tell a story about it—with our prompts guiding your reflections. Our unique format and our expertly crafted prompts will conquer writers’ block: helping you tell stories that matter about the people you love.

Biograph stories are easy to create, easy to share, and easy to preserve. Unpacking our app, you can tell meaningful stories about the people you love—stories that will endure long after last year’s gifts have gone out with the trash. This year, instead of another gift card or pair of socks, experience Biograph to create a gift that matters.

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

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