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Lively as its subject
The perfect gift and the most sophisticated selfie yet, The Portrait represents your character, values, and traditions.

The Portrait

  • 60 minutes of interview with 1 contributor
  • Audio eBook
  • 3 hardcover books with up to 15 photos

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Stories from those who know you best
The ultimate guest book, the Book of Anecdotes interweaves your perspectives with those of family and friends to paint a full picture of an individual life.

Book of Anecdotes

  • 2 hours of interview with up to 10 contributors
  • Audio eBook
  • 5 hardcover books with up to 50 photos

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A Life's Work
Your masterpiece, The Memoir preserves your essence through ingenious narrative crafted with our creative team.

The Memoir

  • Your words, refined with nuance
  • Comprehensive research and interviews
  • Audio eBook
  • 10 hardcover books with your favorite photos

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