with Jesse

I’m from the south suburbs but I currently reside in Rogers Park. [I’m heading to] the drag race season 11 finale. I love everything about it. Being a drag entertainer myself I can only aspire to one day get on it, but I love everything about it. I just love the exposure to the culture, the exposure that we have as artists. I love the colors, I love the atmosphere, I love the comfortability that I have out here. It’s different than other neighborhoods I would walk normally. It’s a very loving atmosphere―most places that I go into, most shops and stores. I love the atmosphere over all, it feels very different.

Favorite street corner?: Honestly, if I’m being real I’m going to say the one that I like most is actually right here―Roscoe and Halsted―right where Roscoe’s is. I had a lot of crazy moments right here on this street corner, some just standing outside and smoking with friends, others I’ve had outside performances that lasted for all of two minutes but it was enjoyable.

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