with Scott

This building, that was a parking lot a year ago. This thing we used to call it the “chip lot,” it’s been empty for 25 years—that’s what I heard…The trains used to come in and the printers and publishers were right here and got the newspapers out. So like this building that I office in was an old print shop, so you see little stains of ink in the floor and stuff like that.

I live right up 600 S Dearborn and I work right across the street. My wife and I moved here as empty nesters, and we met more people by walking the dog than just about anybody. If you’ve been here for a while it’s very neighborhoodish—lot of people, familiar faces…There’s been about six new residential buildings, like these skyscrapers here. We’re an older building that’s a hundred years old—so there’s a lot more traffic that way.

Favorite Chicago intersection?: Right up by this farmers market up by the post office. Hamilton’s playing to the right, you’ve got the food hall right there to the right too—it’s an interesting neighborhood. I like the entertainment…I’ve gotten to know several of the panhandlers—get to know those folks by name. In fact this one guy, WC, his corner was Dearborn and Harrison and you know every day I’d give him a dollar or whatever, and about a month ago he disappeared and apparently he got hit by a car, and I think he’s still alive but I haven’t seen him. But he almost has a service, he kind of looks out for the neighborhood and what’s going on, so if I ever wanted to see what’s happening here he’d be the guy to ask.

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