Interview with Dr. Bernard

We used to live in Chicago, but when I graduated from dental school we moved to Kankakee for a job opportunity. I’m reminiscing about the old neighborhood here, the high rises that I used to pass by and how much it’s changed. I lived on the southwest side of Chicago until 1977, when I graduated from dental school. I lived on campus at Loyola University from 1968 until 1972. I didn’t have transportation or money back then so I didn’t do a lot of exploring.

It’s a historic intersection, upgraded with artwork and new buildings. I think this is the Edgewater Beach Hotel. When I first started at Loyola University the dormitory Merch Hall was not completed and so they were scrambling and they put students in the Edgewater Beach Hotel, which was closed by that time but they used it, and I think that I was at one party there.

Favorite Chicago street corner? How about my old intersection of 111th and Western Ave. That’s the center of Mount Greenwood/Beverly which is where my wife and I grew up. It’s sort of like the old neighborhood―was walking distance to her old home in which she grew up. We lived there for four years…We did happen to meet at Loyola University.

Interesting Chicago street corner story? A lot of interesting things happened. On Friday here in Chicago, I booked a room at a hotel. There was a fundraiser for my brother-in-law who’s a bishop in Peru. He was visiting Chicago from Peru. So I booked a room, and when I got to the hotel they didn’t have my reservation…so I figured well maybe I just didn’t complete it properly…I was checking my telephone to see what I’d done wrong, and I realized I was at the wrong hotel. I was at the Hilton Suites, which is on Mies Van Der Rohe near Walton, and I was supposed to be at the Hilton Garden Inn, which is at 10 E Grand Ave. So we packed up all our stuff again…and we had to get into a cab and go to the correct hotel.

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