Being a photojournalist is a tough job. Your goal is to capture a moment of meaning and human connection. But you have do so under incredible pressures: hustling to be on the scene at precisely the right moment, then meeting your deadline.

Given the demands of the job, why are there so few apps designed to help photojournalists meet their deadlines and capture their stories? As the Chicago Tribune reports, if you search the App Store, there are more than 2,000 apps aimed amateur photographers. There are less than 10 for photojournalists.

Biograph is a new app that offers a vital set of tools for working photojournalists. We offer an innovative combination of text, audio, and image. You can use Biograph to capture and share images seamlessly. And you can take notes on the app and conduct interviews in the field. The app automatically transcribes those notes, so you can download them and use them as the basis for a story or filing once you’re back at your desk. Our transcription service makes it possible for you to write with your voice. No more need to put down your camera to take notes—and risk missing the moment.

All biographs are private by default—so you can use the app as a private space to collect and develop notes for a story. But the app is also a vibrant space for people working with image and audio: you can connect with other professionals in the field, share your work, and build an audience and community.

Working photojournalists need all the help they can get. Biograph gives you a tool that makes your work easier, smoother, and less intrusive. With Biograph by your side, you can focus on the work that matters: capturing moments that illuminate our world.

Photographer’s Story: On Assignment

John Jones, a photojournalist based in Austin, liked to whip out his iPhone and take quick shots when he was on assignment. “I’d text them to my editor or just use them as references. It helped us get on the same page—is this the right angle or the right place to be set up? I always wanted to do something with those shots, but they just sat on my phone.”

Using Biograph, John started a micro-podcast, “On Assignment,” using his reference photos to reflect on the challenges that photojournalists face—from finding the right light to meeting deadlines—and the joys of capturing a story, a moment, a connection. The micro-podcast helped him connect with a community of photojournalists beyond Austin—and lead to more assignments down the line. “I used to just pick up contract work for the local paper. Now I’m known internationally. Any time there’s a story in Texas, my phone rings.”

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