We’ve all written them before: bland, boring thank you notes. “Dear Grandma, Thank you for the wool socks you got me for Christmas. I’ll think of you when I wear them.” No one loves writing them and no one loves receiving them. But, when they’re done right, thank you notes can be more than an empty formality. They show people that you value them. They bind people together, reinforcing ties between friends, family, and coworkers.

Biograph can help you level up your thank you notes. The first step is simple: upload a photo to the app. It could be a photo of you and grandma or a picture of the team celebrating after landing a big contract. Then record a note about what the picture means to you. Why did you choose this picture? How does it make you feel to see it now? Why are the people in it important to you? In other words, focus on the relationship. After all, it’s your grandma who really matters to you—not the socks she bought you.

Feeling stuck? Biograph’s guides—written by our team of expert writers—will help you recorded meaningful messages. Our guides are designed to encourage you to focus on telling details and key anecdotes, to get beyond the surface and into the substance of your relationships.

Every session in Biograph is recorded and automatically transcribed. It’s easy to edit your text. And every session is private by default, so you can spend time exploring what you want to say—without worrying about anyone judging you. Best of all, Biograph makes it easy to print and send thank you notes directly. Sign up here and entre code “THANKS” for free premium features and to send your first card free. Biograph is here to make your thank you notes matter.

Thank You on the Road: Thank Your Team with Biograph

Management studies show that workers are more productive—and happier—when they feel appreciated at work. After reading a study about the benefits of writing thank you notes to employees, Aroosh Sama, the CEO of a small tech company, downloaded Biograph.

“I needed to make sure that my employees knew that I appreciated what they were doing,” Aroosh says. “But, you know, how do you find time for one more thing when you’re already running a start-up and working 24/7? Biograph allowed me to make use of my downtime. Once a quarter during my commute, I record fifteen or twenty thank you notes. By the time I’m home, I’ve created a stack of thank yous for my team.” Biograph gives you the best of both worlds: the support you need to write original and meaningful thank yous and the ability to do so flexibly and quickly.

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