with Diana

I was curiously enough born in Laredo, Texas and then raised in south Chicago. It’s a crazy story―Mexico, Texas, Evanston, Chicago. What I like about this neighborhood is it’s clean and there’s a lot of police presence typically, so I feel safe for the most part. I actually just moved here this past July. I just went to get some shopping done.

Favorite Chicago street corner? Not that I can really think of besides this one because since I’m very new to Chicago after coming back after so many years I would have to say my own street corner is my favorite.

Chicago street corner story? What did strike me was I was actually going downtown walking around and going somewhere…I just saw a lady just fall on her face and it was really traumatic. So that just freaked me out. I didn’t know at first what had happened to her, but a couple of people were actually standing on the street corner, and I asked one of the guys, “what happened to this lady?” She was bloody and everything. He goes, “She just fell because the sidewalk was uneven.” So that was really scary―that could have been me, that’s how I felt.

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